(DVD or Digital screenings are easy to put together and no charge to you.  
We accept donations at the screening and will work with you to 
turn your event into a great fundraiser for your non-profit, school, 
church or any type of private/public gathering. Large or Small, you decide.)

1)  Decide what type of screening you want to have.

All you need is a good location (large or small) big screen TV or Projection Screen to hold your own Sojourners Screening Event. We will provide you with the artwork for flyers, posters and other material to help you with your promotion. What a great opportunity for a fundraiser or gathering with friends and family!

Film Director Steven Scaffidi will attend all local screening events.  If your screening is out of town all we ask is that you cover travel expenses and accommodations for the director. The event is held like a Film Festival Screening including a very special Q and A with Mr. Scaffidi following the movie. 

2)  Locate a venue capable of accommodating a movie screening.

All you need is a DVD player or computer to play back digital movie file, good sound, and a good TV or projection system, and enough seats.  If someone in your group has the ability to set up the screening for free or a low cost in a local theater with digital projection, your screening will be awesome.  Some smaller screenings are just fine using a large screen TV.  The type of screening you have is totally up to you - from school and church screenings to theater screenings and even private home screenings - it's your event!

3)  Work with your local parish/diocese to promote the event.

Give yourself enough lead time to get the word out about the screening. Talk to the youth directors in your area to get their support and guidance as well as contacting the local media.

NOTE:  We will supply you with promotional materials, press releases and ideas that have worked well with other groups.

4)  Let us know what we can do for you.

Email, Social Media Marketing, Posters & Flyers - we will provide you with the necessary materials to make your screening a great success!

Steven Scaffidi - (504) 669-0189    Email: stevenscaffidi@gmail.com

“A Sojourner is someone who journeys with purpose, mission and love to The Sacred Heart of Jesus while making a difference for Him and bringing the love of Christ to all others.”
       - Tammy Dupuy
          Founder, Sojourners 
          of the Burning Heart

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