Most time it's only in retrospect that you can appreciate how things came together to make something special happen - and also how close you were to complete and epic failure.

This film has a story behind it.  A tale of doors closing, fundraising efforts that fell well short, uphill battles, less than favorable odds, disagreements, the firing of essential personnel, equipment failure, differences of opinion and numerous personal struggles of all involved with this project.

Of course, we know that nothing is impossible for God, His Son, or His Mother.

It is to them that the makers of this film wish to dedicate and thank for the things that worked and which led to the film's completion and now its release to the city at a time.  Namely, providing almost to the penny enough money to send Steve and his son on the trip.  Sending "angels" to cover other costs.  In assisting all involved to eventually share a common vision of what this film should be.  For the friendships that were formed and the faith that was shared.  For giving the young men and women featured in this movie the courage to show the world what it means to fearlessly live your faith and follow Christ.  For providing the opportunity for the trip to change those pilgrims' lives forever.

We hope that when you get the chance to view "The Sojourners", God will continue to build on the successes He's given to this beautiful project - namely, that you will come to know and love Him.