began his journey by declaring that he was only going to Medjugorje to please his mother.  He also said that he was not a practicing Catholic. Despite the relentless pushing for him to change his attitude by his father, he never caved into the pressure and stood up for his principles.  Steven's unforgettable adventure takes a suprising twist at the end.
hopes to be a priest someday and has no problem in bending the rules a bit when he jumps off of a 50' cliff into the crystal clear water below.  At least he made the sign of the cross before he took the leap!  His motto is that you don't have to live in a monastery to see God.
are brother and sister who make beautiful music with their angelic voices and their acoustic guitars.  Together they will lift your spirits as you raise your hands to the sky and sing along with all of the Sojourners.
is a young man searching for his identity and was forced by his mother to go on the pilgrimage.  He originally thought he was trapped with a bunch of "Holy Rollers" only to discover that he had a big heart and ultimately wanted to make a difference in the world.
is living proof that words of wisdom can come from people you least expect.  This young man can open the eyes and hearts of even the most cynical of people.  He did just that on the top of of a sacred mountain with a breathtaking view.
is a seminarian who will make you smile with his humor and his divinely inspired hip-hop.  When his music draws a crowd of young people on a bridge dividing the Catholics and Muslims, both sides come together to celebrate his gift.